CS 3 (Spring 2023) Getting Help

Office hours and getting help from TAs in CS3 will be different than in CS 1 and CS 2; so, please read at least the tl;dr carefully!


You will be assigned two TA mentors who will work with you and your group throughout the entire term. Each Friday, you will have a code review with either your TA mentors, Alice or Adam, where you will get feedback on your code for that week’s project.

To get help on projects, you will contact your TA mentors directly in your Discord workspace or go to their scheduled office hours.

Detailed Explanation

Office Hours

For projects, you will work directly with your TA mentors. To get help on a project, you can send a message in your Discord workspace. Your TA mentor will either respond via text for quick/short questions, or they will reach out as soon as possible to schedule a meeting time to discuss more lengthy questions that may be easier to deal with in-person, such as debugging help.

Each of your TAs will also be holding separate office hours throughout the week, during which you and your group are welcome to go for in-person help. These office hours will be some time between 7pm - midnight; please refer to the course website or contact your TAs for the specific time/day. If you need help outside of scheduled office hours, you are always welcome to send a message in your workspace!