CS 3 (Spring 2024) Mini Game Design Document


This document describes what we expect from your preliminary game design document. The goal of this document is to get you thinking about the game you will create with your team members later this term. We will make each students’ responses available so that you can find others who have similarly scoped games or ideas and work together for the term. You are allowed to modify or update your ideas as you go through the projects and eventually you will write a more in-depth document describing the details of your final game idea. The game can be anything that is feasible for a group of 3 to complete in 3-4 weeks, but it must make use of your physics engine in some way.

Organization of Your Design Document

The following is a list of the various pieces your game design document should have.

Section 0: Summary

This section should tell the reader what to expect in the future sections.

Section 1: Feature Set

Each week, you will be writing a library to handle some features that can be used in your game. While you will not necessarily need to incorporate every single one of these in your final game, we would like you to start thinking about how you might use these libraries in your game.

Design Document Grading

If you are missing any of the sections or a section is clearly not thought through, you will get at best a C on the document. We are also not grading you on the design of your game (unless you choose this to be itself a feature); a poorly concieved game can still receive full credit. The main goal of this game design document is to help you find other students in the course who have similar game ideas so you can form a group and work together.

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