CS 3 (Spring 2024) Solo 04: Webserver!

In this project, you will finally write the actual webserver!


Register for the project using grinch: https://grinch.caltech.edu/register and clone the repository as explained in the setup instructions. You MUST work solo on this project! You may not collaborate at all with anyone else! Please use the SSH link found on the registration page and in the email sent to you, it should look something like this git@gitlab.caltech.edu:cs3-24sp/solo04-blank.git.


In the last project, you wrote code to route requests…but then you never used it.

This project will be focused on actually writing the web server, culminating in using it to server your own game!


Now that you have that out of the way, it’s time to get started.

For this project, we will run your webserver and try to run the three routes when grading. There are no automated tests. Push your code to complete the project.